Saturday, July 7, 2012

Frank Ocean - The Open Letter

I can't be the only one feeling inspired by this open letter. His courage to be free is beautiful. Finally he can exhale. This letter gave his artistry more dept and meaning. Just by listening to "I miss You" it's clear how much love and honesty he is. We all had our own  assumptions about his sexuality, his honesty cleared out my unfocused mind. His story reminds me of Marvin Gaye. 

Enough said. The singer is dropping a new album on 17. july named Channel Orange. 

Album: Chris Brown - Fortune

Massive, Massive, Massive production on this album. In an interview, the singer explains that most of the songs on this album were unheard material from the F.A.M.E album by working with different producers. These songs were then recycled and re-written for this album. The art/ album cover is encryption and can be solved by reading the booklet. 

It was difficult nailing down to top 5 favorites from the album. Cause i loved all the songs. It's very rear that i don't skip songs, when listening to albums. Vocally, his voice has matured and evolved into a much solid and mesmerizing (yes, there's a glare of auto-tune). 

Here are my personal favorites from the album: 
 1. Mirage (feat. Nas)
2. Tell Somebody
3. Free Run
4. Party Hard/Cadillac
5. Turn Up the Music

Fortune is now available on itunes and in stores. Get your copy NOW! 
CBreezy is delivering top notch quality on every song and lyrics. Fortune has a whooping 19 songs in total. 

1. “Turn Up the Music” – Produced by The Underdogs & Fuego
2. “Bassline” – Produced by Pop Wansel, co-produced by Dayvi Jae
3. “Till I Die” feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa – Produced by Danja
4. “Mirage” feat. Nas – Produced by Harmony, co-produced by Chris Brown
5. “Don’t Judge Me” – Produced by The Messengers
6. “2012” – Produced by Adonis, co-produced by Kevin “K-Mac” McCall
7. “Biggest Fan” – Produced by The Runners, co-produced by The Monarch
8. “Sweet Love” – Produced by Polow Da Don & Jason “JP” Perry
9. “Strip” feat. Kevin McCall – Produced by Tha Bizness
10. “Stuck on Stupid” – Produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy, co-produced by Dante Jones
11. “4 Years Old” – Produced by Polow Da Don & Tommy Hittz
12. “Party Hard/Cadillac (Interlude)” feat. Sevyn – Produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy & Boi-1da
13. “Don’t Wake Me Up” – Produced by Benny & Alle Benassi, Free School & William Orbit, co-produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy
14. “Trumpet Lights” feat. Sabrina Antoinette – Produced by Polow Da Don, co-produced by Jerome “J Roc” Harmon
Deluxe Edition
15. “Tell Somebody” – Produced by Polow Da Don, co-produced by Jerome “J Roc” Harmon
16. “Free Run” – Produced by The Underdogs
17. “Remember My Name” feat. Sevyn – Produced by Free School & Chris Brown, co-produced by Jonas Jeberg
18. “Wait for You” – Produced by Harmony aka H-Money, co-produced by Chris Brown
19. “Touch Me” feat. Sevyn – Produced by R.A.P. 1220

Rihanna grace Harper's Bazaar

Rihanna might have lost her GranGran Dolly this week, but she is still keeping up her grind. The exotic Barbadian beauty graced the cover of Harper's Bazaar August 2012 edition. Posing in  items from Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Balmain and Tom Ford. We are no stranger to her beauty, but Photographer Camilla Akrans (who did her album Loud cover) was able to capture some stunning shots of the pop singer. 

She also opens up about her relationships (....U know who CB) and talks about her body shape. Am definately going to get a copy when it hits newsstands on 17 july.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blogger I Fancy: Girl With Curves

Meet the beautiful Tanesha of Girl With Curves. Never in my experience of been a reader/curvy girl have i stumbled upon such a treasure. A blogger who actually caters to ME. Okay.. enough about me. But i had to share this with you all. Tanesha is the a Curvy Girl Fashionista. Take a look below. And check out her blog for more.

All photos in courtesy of GirlWithCurves

Monday, June 11, 2012


My favorite quote said by Diane Von Furstenburg; I didn't know what i wanted to be, but i knew the woman i wanted to be. This quote fully sums up my first year as a nurse-student. From the self-doubt, frustrations and feeling blindfolded by the amount of work it takes to be a student, i've learn so much about myself. Alot of times, i was willing to quit and drop off. And now 12 months has passed and here i am. 
This summer is going to be different in many ways.
 Keywords for this summer; Indulging, relaxing, sleeping, exercising, doing yoga every morning in peace, no more stressing and living life. 

What are your plans for summer?


Friday, May 18, 2012

Conversations with Amanda De Cadenet

The conversations is no ordinary interview with celebrities and your everyday people. It's a series produced by Amanda De Cadenet & Demi Moore talking about women empowerment, sharing life lessons, motivations, learning from personal downfalls and the deal-breaker THE SEX QUESTION that seems not to be in favor of the Brits (english/ victorian upbringings don't ask, don't tell). Women from Alicia keys, lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harper's bazaar Editor in cheif Glenda Bailey, Melissa McCarthy, Diane Von Furstenberg, Miley Cyrus and many more have been on the series talking about their way to success. 

The interview is set in a cozy, welcoming, relaxing, easy environment.  Definitely worth watching and sharing it with friends and family. Here's the link - The Conversation With Amanda De Cadenet

Enjoy !